Pezo von Ellrichshausen Architects Pael House

Date: October 26, 2013

Fuente: Architonic
Fotografía: Cristobal Palma

We decided to test the archetypical features of the suburban house. This exercise was never as explicit as the conciliation required by the formalities of the case: a suburban dwelling in a neighborhood of detached houses.

As the rest of the residences, this was a big house in a plot too small for such a size; a house that had to look like one (for the sake of the neighbors mental peace); a house made of “material” (a local expression referring to the unquestioned solidity of concrete constructions) that would never age (for the peace of mind of the owners).

In an almost automatic move we proposed a heavy and clumsy rectangular prism that echoed the cornered site tucked away at the end of the street; we projected an extension of the plot in two elevated dry patios; we planned a piece that unified the silhouette of four pitched roofs, not too different from the naïve outlines of a child’s drawing; we built a secondary pigmented concrete wall that was repaired several times during its crafted fabrication and that was build in layers so that each new one spilled itself over the previous one.


  • amoral October 26, 2013

    interesante: la habitación (o celda) de la empleada de casa es màs pequeña (baño incluido) que el vestidor de los Señores… un arquitecto con conciencia no tendría que cuestionar esto?

    • Anónimo October 26, 2013

      totalmente de acuerdo…

    • Antonio October 28, 2013

      EmpleadA o empleadO, no? A lo mejor tu tambien puedes cuestionarte cosas Mr Morality…


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