Carla Juaçaba + Mario Fraga Casa Atelier

Source: Carla Juaçaba
Date: September 27, 2013

Building a house and workshop leads to the creation of large spaces and openings facing the outside, looking for the closest approximation to nature.

The terrain in Itanhanga, downhill, has an irregular topography and lush vegetation, fully preserved. The house, metal structure, coverage has seel-reinforced slab on deck, with completion of insulation taormico.

The dual role of workshop and residence made to divide the area into two spaces with double height workshop and residence on two levels down, and kitchen, bedroom and open terrace above the garden. The doors of the workshop, made of bamboo pole with iron structure, running and pivoting, functioning as brises. In the kitchen wall is containment provisions made with stones colulas own premises. Inside, movable walls divide the environments of space integration, amplitude and welfare.

The construction of the home-workshop led to the creation of ample space and large openings to the outside, looking for the closest approximation to nature .

The terrain in Itanhangá is uphill, has irregular topography and vegetation fully preserved. The house, with steel structure, has a roof tile galvanized with aluminum and concrete slab tile, clay coated heat. The house-workshop is converted into two spaces: the workshop of double height ceiling, and the residential part has two levels: low, living room and kitchen upstairs, bedroom and terrace projected onto the garden.

The doors of the workshop, bamboo mesh attached by steel structures, slide and pivot, functioning as sunshades. The kitchen has a supporting wall shelves arranged, performed in local rough stone. Inside, movable walls divide structured wooden double rooms. Internal partition walls are concrete mortar, those outside are lying brick, plastered both made of a mixture of gravel and ocher pigment colors that blend into the surrounding forest.

The house has a metal structure covering slab on armed tile galvanized aluminum, coated with expanded clay. The dual function-house atelier divided the area into two spaces: the double-height studio and residence in two levels: low, living room and kitchen, upstairs bedroom and balcony opening onto the garden.

The doors of the studio, made of bamboo sewn in steel structure, and run pivotam, functioning as louvers. On the kitchen wall is retaining arranged on shelves and made of rough stone was removed from the site. Within mobile walls structured MDF double divide the environment. The partition walls are built of mortar, the outside is brick laying, both with plaster made from clay and dust chess.

This workshop house has 140m2 made in association with the painter Mario Fraga is in a uphill terrain in Itanhagá, Rio de Janeiro. A huge stone wall support a plateau where the house arise, reminding the stone walls made by Carla Juaçaba in Rio Bonito´s house.

This project has a flexible space and the simultaneous use of industrial material, as the metallic structure, the aluminium roof tile, thermic lay on the roof, and the natural materials, as the bamboo straw, the wood floor, and an artisanal coating.

The first level is the workshop area with a double high ceiling and a skylight. This same level also includes an open veranda, kitchen and toilet. The second level houses the bedroom a bathroom, and a veranda overlooking the forest ahead.

The building combines sophisticated use of modular facades, with the bamboo straw as a cladding. A pleasing application of rationalism in the tropics can be seen in the masonry, that interrupts to see the forest or the stairs.

The thermal Clay reduces the heat of the aluminium cover (steel deck) with concrete. The geometry of the elements associated with verandas, hammocks, the bamboo screens pivoting highlights the modern and tropical aspects of that work.

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