ETB Studio | Multifunctional centre

Date: August 25, 2013
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Fuente: ETB Studio
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The building is part of the eastern edge of the village bach, in the the ancient village of Sappada. On one hand the ratio measured with the scale of the village, on the other the relationship with the valley and mountain ranges, powerful scenery of the intervention.

The new complex is a system composed of three similar architectures generated by the same type, the same form, three contemporary and silent architecture, sitting on the topography in a natural way.

The buildings are compact in order to give continuity to the traditional urban fabric of the village, making the north/ south jump altitude to hide in the ground different functions. The lyrics of the project is simple and austere, made of serene volumes, well-proportioned and rigorous.

A small “village into the village” that absorbs and repeats the charm of the best alpine building tradition, made of wisdom, of continuity and silence.


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