Fassio-Viaud architects + David Devaux Kennel for police unit in Moissy Cramoyel

Source: Fassio-Viaud architectsPhotography: J-B Viaud
Date: June 10, 2013

The new kennel Canine Unit is located in an unlikely triangular site lost between railway, high voltage lines, factories and local roads.

An ascetic program to host police dogs and policemen.

Three fonctional units linked by a service yard : Staff, dogs and technical/vehicles

These units define a low triangular building with a triangular courtyard in the center

This simple architectural closed court allows both distance between functions and easy links for the different parts of the program in terms of functionality required, including security.

The resulting court is treated as a pure cloister to shelter circulations.

The simple black, almost brutal, minimalist treatment was decided with users as the most appropriate architecture with the purpose of the building ; it appeared to reflect the desire to translate a functional and economic program without any compromise nor complacency.

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