Fassio-Viaud architects + David Devaux Centre culturel Paul Bailliart France

Source: Fassio-Viaud architectsPhotography: Paul Koslowski
Date: June 9, 2013

The Paul Bailliart cultural center in Massy houses live music shows and welcomes each fall the «primeurs » festival.

The restructuration/extension of this 1966 building was planned to meet several objectives : amelioration of the housing conditions of both public and artists, compliance with standards, conformity with security and acoustic regulations, as well as a new visual identity.

The dedicated spaces to both public and artists have been entirely restructurated, the « café-concert » has been extended to receive 380 people and the main concert hall has been equiped with retractable seats to welcome 378 seated and 550 standing.

The whole facility is wrapped with an multicoated acoustic shell to protect the nearby housing complex from nuisances.

The main folded facade is dressed up with vertical stripes of wood.

This folded screen follows the functional inner development of the program.

Its scale and dimension allows to wrap the aging structure in a new wooden coat. thus offering the community a modern and efficient, vibratile « music box » while revealing at its extremity the remaining parts of the 1966 facility.

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