Isern Associats House in Sant Pol de Mar

Source: DesignBoomPhotography: Adrià Goula
Date: April 7, 2013

Taking after the many pine trees that dot the impossibly steep site, the ‘house in sant pol de mar’ by barcelona-based practice isern associates contains a series of protruding volumes branching from a central trunk anchored into the hillside. The stacked cubical forms cantilevering the interior program into the forest environment, shade an exterior porch below, and create an outdoor terrace above the vertical relationship between the cluster of volumes defines the crux of the architecture, overlapping spaces that each offer a unique set of views, qualities of light and orientations. A balance of concrete,  iron, wood and stone mirrors the harmony between interior and exterior functions, with a stunning view of the balearic sea.

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  • Rendering Of Architecture April 8, 2013

    grat game with volumes


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