Promontorio Parque Kindergarten, Cascais

Date: August 9, 2012

Fuente: Promontorio
Fotografía: Fernando Guerra, FG+SG fotografia de arquitecturaSince the very beginning on its practice, PROMONTORIO has been involved on educational projects. From schools and cultural facilities to museums and art galleries, a wide range of learning approaches has been tested and implemented with considerable success and accrued experience.

Working in close collaboration with the teachers and pedagogues, PROMONTORIO has attempted to challenge the preconceived classroom space planning principles, into a more fluid and dynamic spatial interaction that meets the increasing demand for flexibility in the learning methods, both at kindergarten and primary school levels.

After research and mock-up testing with the Parque team, the pentagonal classroom module gained consistency as a unifying environment able to respond to a dynamic multitask educational project. Ranging in scale and height; the classrooms, the library, the art room and the canteen flow in a sequence of generous and surprising spaces both from the outside and the inside. Whitewashed in burnt lime, the tectonic articulation between the portent walls of bond brickwork and concrete cast in-situ, contrasts with large and transparent glass panes. The latter, when open, blur the boundaries between outside and inside. In addition, the occasionally punctured brickwork lets air and light into a series of secluded patios.


Link al reportaje fotográfico completo en FG+SG fotografia de arquitectura
Link al proyecto completo en Promontorio

Cascais (greater Lisbon), Portugal

Parque, Solucoes Infanto-pedagogicas, SA

Kindergarten and primary school

Gross Built Area:
1,400 sq.m

Estimated Investment EUR:

Project Status:
2008 (concept design) – 2010 (built and open to public)


  • miquel del río August 12, 2012

    si. la ugalde! perdó… 😉

  • sep August 11, 2012

    si UGALDE, si

  • Anonymous August 10, 2012

    crec que vols dir ugalde

  • miquel del río August 10, 2012

    en algunas fotos se parece a la ricarda…


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