nbAA Kindergarten in Cacém Polis

Date: April 28, 2011
Main objective of the Polis intervention in which this project is included, is the city requalification through the creation of an enviromental system created around the Jarda torrent (Linear urban park).
the constrains of the Detailed Plan regarding location of the new building are mainly the implantation area, the area and the requirement of a free ground floor, dictated from the floods maximum level of the existing torrent.

To create distinctive areas with different levels of privacy, from public, semi-publics to private.
To create easy accessibility to the building, both physically and visually;
To create visual continuity between the park and the garden area;
To choose a solar orientation which privileges the classroom zones directing them south and simoultainosly relating to the garden and the park.
to operate the division between the working zones (classes and support zones ) through a central corridor which allowed a clear interpretation of the spaces;
to use passive energy systems in the building.






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