Inés Lobo Francisco Rodrigues Lobo Secondary School

Date: March 16, 2011



All the operations proposed for this ensemble are
fundamentally descended from a first
operation proposing the redefinition of the point of entry in
the school. The new access to the school will be from the
eastern front of the lot, between two thin arms delimitating
the lot North and South sides.
In the end this is about re-centering the school, not only in
its programmed “horizontal”
distribution, but also in its altimetry, with the main access
being done at an intermediate level between the highest and
lowest point of the complex of buildings.
The main action point of this project is an operation, that
mostly involves designing and qualifying this part of the
land, delimitated North and South by the existing buildings,
where all the complex of new spaces to be built is situated –
closed spaces that host the new
program but also a sequence open spaces that will re-
center the activity and the flux of school users in this central

This complex of central areas, develops in a sequence of five
different spaces:

Drive-in: urban space, external from the new limit of the
school, allows the entry of cars for pupils drop off/pick up
and for deliveries of goods.
Patio 1: Open space, it is the first entry space into the
school, delimitated North and South by the existing
buildings and defined on its West side by the new transversal
building to be erected that becomes the center of the school.
Central building: closed space, it comprises three floors and
hosts exclusively public spaces, for the use of all the school
community . Atrium at entry level, Library in the upper floor,
and cafeteria in the lower floor.
Patio 2: Continuing to follow the East-West axis, from the
school new entry, this is the space following the central
building. It locates one level below Patio 1, at the same level
as the cafeteria, and it is planned as its prolongation towards
the outside. It is a space more closed and embedded in the
terrain, delimited by building in all its fronts, and closed on
the Western side by the new sports areas.
Sports areas: a complex of new buildings to install at the
western edge of the lot,
installed at the lowest level of the land, embedded between
platforms, solution that allows that such a significant
volume of construction be discretely implanted in the
In this way all the fundamental collective use spaces, as well
as the sports areas are built along this central ribbon, while
the academic spaces are left within the existing buildings.

The three vertical volumes to be built abutting the existing
building and that resolve the
vertical accesses between floors, will also host the sanitaries
serving each floor, technical areas for the vertical
communication of infrastructure, as well as an elevator, that
solves in an acceptable way the question of restricted
mobility ( disabled users) within the building.






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