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Hic et Nunc is a Latin phrase in current use that literally means ‘here and now’. It is used either to draw attention to the need to think about things from reality and not get carried away by theorizing and abstract approaches, or to guide a discourse towards its practical and concrete aspects, away from generalizations and abstractions.

HIC is a blog born in 2008 in Barcelona, with the aim of building a platform for exchanging information and contemporary architecture projects.

It is a personal project curated by Jordi Badia and the staff of his architecture practice BAAS, that publishes those architectures that have caught our attention and that we want to share with whoever is interested.

In recent years, the blog has evolved into a reference archive of projects, useful for a large community of architects and students whose only common thread is curiosity and the desire for knowledge. All published projects are organized in a useful database that can be consulted by architects and cities.


The content is divided into two listings and four categories:

Architects: Alphabetized list of architects to consult all those entries related to their work.
Cities: Alphabetized list of cities to consult entries by location.

Non-contemporary architectures.
Academic: Students’ projects from different schools and countries.
Things: Design, Art, texts and other things.
Books: Publications that have interested us.





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