Buchner Bründler Kirschgarten House Binningen

Date: March 5, 2020


Photography: georg aerni

The residential area is characterized by a mixture of multi-family and single-family houses, which are surrounded by dense green, the foothills of the nearby Allschwil forest. A house is to be built on a plot of land on a hillside, which allows great privacy with maximum openness.

A garden wall made of black painted concrete stretches wide, behind it is a staggering of roof layers. The house remains hidden, only a round opening in the wall offers insights. Behind this enclosure, the house with the surrounding garden moves away from the wall. It is designed as a transparent building on all sides, which is surrounded by the movement of sunlight.

Behind the fence, the interior and exterior are structurally, structurally and spatially conceived. Two mural brackets intertwine: a three-meter-high living space is spanned between the garden wall and the inner wall, which is zoned by furniture elements and a skylight. Here brass and oiled oak complement the raw concrete. The living room is intimate because it has an intense frame. A large flat roof spans it and reaches beyond it on the sides. A rib construction made up of five longitudinal members and a cross member structures and stabilizes the roof. Wall aprons, which hang from the supporting structure on the front sides of the house, limit and expand the living space: the sunlight breaks on them and is directed into the interior as indirect light. The roof and its pre-stressed concrete structure interlock the interior and exterior with the roof becoming a pergola in the courtyard. In contrast to the intimacy of the living space, the individual rooms arranged behind the inner wall create external references to the city and the surrounding vegetation.















Location Binningen, Switzerland
Client private
Project planning 2015 – 2016
Realization 2016 – 2018
Architecture Buchner Bründler Architects
Partners Daniel Buchner, Andreas Bründler
Associate Nick Waldmeier
Project management Rebecca Borer, Bianca Kummer
Cooperation with Omri Levy

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