act_romegialli Casa ai Prati

Date: January 16, 2019

Source: act romegialli 
Photography: Marcello Mariana

The project site is at the edge of the built area of the village of Regoledo in the municipality of Cosio Valtellina.The site of the house is limited by an area of small “scattered” residences and a large green space called “Prati del Bitto” which extends from the north of the site to the banks of the river Adda.

From this demarcation between habited areas and agricultural land, the project is born. Stone walls and “muracche” even today define the limits of cultivated fields and provided inspiration for the project.

The dimension of the lot was sufficiently large to allow the project plan to have the living spaces on one level.

The volume and design of  “the house in the meadows” is completely dictated by the idea, shape and sense of its interior living spaces, avoiding any formal abstract features.

The different habited areas form a private world and are connected by a small patio. The patio is a shield from the prevailing winds, the surrounding buildings, and where one can enjoy the view of the mountain peaks on two sides.

The layout of the rooms in the house, internal and external, create a complex and dynamic “private landscape”.

The project is generated from a simple volume rectangular in shape with a patio at the center. Pillars or wall sections in either stone or concrete support a concrete roof that covers the entire house. A massive and powerful “table” like structure, under which the habited volumes of the house are organised. Volumes clad in wood and block materials to give the highest level of insulation.

The originally rectangular roof planimetry has been slightly stretched to protect the underlying wooden volumes and some external pedestrian paths.

On the south side the profile of the roof gutter is progressively lowered to increase the light and sun penetration in the patio.Three large converging chimneys protrude from the roof skyline and house all the mechanical exhaust elements (cooling, heating and ventilation).  These three stone monoliths emphasise the poetic soul of the house .

The property boundaries are ambiguously designed, some are green walls and some are in stone to honour those in the meadows. Stone walls are also used to create private outdoor rooms (solarium etc..)

The only materials used are stone, concrete and oak.






















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